James Abbo

Engineering and Design

James Abbo

Engineering and Design

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci
About me

Who I am

Hi, my name is James Abbo and I am a mechanical engineer from Toledo, Ohio. I work as a designer in the material handling industry, specializing in semi-automated lift assist. I also have an animation and media background, as I first studied graphics at Bowling Green State Univeristy. I have worked as a machinist while attending the National Tooling and Machining Asscociation school, and am currently finishing my degree in Applied Engineering.


Mechanical Engineering

With over 3 years of experience, I am able to jump into projects and begin designing. I have worked on collaborative projects as well as designed and completed my own.

Project Engineer

As a project engineer, I have overseen systems from the quoting phase all the way to installation. Being able to have control throughout the system build, including design, prints, and assembling, has been a rewarding experience.

Web Designer

Aside from engineering, I also do web design for various companies. I am fluent in all Adobe software including Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

Recent Projects

  • Double ALA | Snow Plow Lift Assist | 180° Rotate

    Aimco Manufacturing has designed a new lifting device known as the double ALA (Articulating Lifting Arm) for heavy duty applications. This system is demonstrated and narrated by project engineer James Abbo
  • Rotating Mechanical Clamp

    AIMCO Manufacturing has teamed up with Bastian Solutions to provide a lifting device for a machining center. This video is narrated and demonstrated by project engineer James Abbo.
  • Double Rotation Below the Hook

    This tool designed to power yaw and tilt boat parts using AIMCO’s engineering on a Gorbel G-Force.
  • Vacuum Lifter

    This vacuum tool was designed for heavy non-porous sheet metal material.